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The SEO Process

A look at how SEO is implemented

Website Analysis

I carry out an SEO site analysis of your website that shows how your page is ranking and identifies the reason for you not ranking higher on Google.

SEO Report

Based on that analysis I generate a report for yourself that clearly shows what elements need improving and help determine what strategy is best.

SEO Strategy

After a strategy is agreed upon implementation can occur, whether it be; html changes, Google Adwords, Social Media Changes or a combination of all.


SEO requires frequent monitoring in order to assess how your website is performing. I will provide you with frequent reports to show how the strategy is working.


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  • + Why do you need SEO?

  • Answer You could have the best, most spectacular looking website in the world, but the lack of SEO would mean your website will never be found in Google and therefore will serve no more purpose than a glorified business card.

  • + How can you get to the top of Google?

  • Answer To get to the top is no easy feat, it requires a next to perfect seo score, very relevant content accompanied by great social media activity and regular website updates (This is where a blog is great!)

  • + How much does SEO cost?

  • Answer This depends entirely on the strategy you wish to follow, you could set yourself a monthly budget and use pay per click and Google Adwords, or you can set out to improve your website and organically rank higher. Personally I charge SEO as packages with an example being: (Package 1 – Html restructure, Heading Tags relevance changed, Adwords plan, Content Changes, Social Media Improvements). For more info regarding packages get in touch.

  • + What can you do for my social media?

  • Answer I can set your social media accounts up from scratch, or if you have social media already I can generate more likes and followers for you.

  • + How long does SEO take?

  • Answer Google doesn’t re-rank websites on a daily basis it instead increases website rankings over time Monthly Analysis reports are the best way to show improvement and rankings, however for namesake if your website ticks all the seo boxes you will start seeing results in terms of rankings after a couple of weeks.

SEO Features

Google Adwords

Google Adwords is a pay per click service from Google that allows you to put your website at the top of Google search for a certain keyword combination or phrase. combination or phrase.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a tool offered by Google that allows you to track website traffic & performance of your website using a variety of different tools.

Social Media

Social Medias such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google Plus are a necessity to improve SEO rankings as well as increasing brand recognition and more custom.

Html Structure

Html structure is vitally important as it is how Google reads your webpage. Google doesn’t rank based on aesthetics and design it ranks based on relevance and structure.

Keyword Content

Using Google Keywords a report is generated with the most commonly search words related to your product or service, helping to write more relevant content.

Mobile Responsive

Mobile responsive websites are one of the common necessities to rank high on Google as Google favours a responsive site ahead of none responsive sites.

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