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The importance of relative and structured website content.

October 2, 2016

Too often have I came across websites with website content that is not only irrelevant it has been so poorly constructed that it’s a wonder it ever found its way to Google. 

Keep content relative simple and clean.

In terms of website content, websites owners often dig out their thesaurus as they believe the use of more extravagant vocabulary portrays them as more professional and engaging business, how wrong they are.

Google is not a distant relative of William Shakespeare, Google does not care about over elaborative text, instead Google cares about relative text and readability.

Keywords and Readability.

Using Relative Keywords for SEO

Before writing website content make use of Google Keywords. This tool is a necessity in writing good relative content, it allows you to check how often a keyword or keyword combination is searched for within a demographic of your choice. I personally make a list of the most common keywords relative to my websites then write my content around these. 

Have a Solid Readability Score

Its important however to not just throw keywords in anywhere to make up the numbers, your content has to make sense! After you have wrote your content you can use to ensure your content actually reads well.

Headings and Titles

On countless occasions in the past I have come across clients who decide to name headings and titles based solely on the fact they look or sound good, please stop this! A headings purpose is to clarify what a page/section of text is about.

The Importance of Headings for SEO

Not only is this massively important for user experience but it is also massively important for SEO. A heading should contain a keyword or keywords that have relevance to the page the user is on as this will be more identifiable with Google and therefore will rank better.

Structured Website Content

The best way I can show how to structure content is via a diagram.


The reason we structure content like this is simply because this is the way Google reads our site.

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