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Who Am I?

Freelancer Website Developer

Michael Durney

Website Development Belfast

Hi, my name is Michael Durney & I am a digital developer. Currently working at Mammoth, one of Northern Ireland's leading digital development studios, I have over 6 years experience & a 1st class degree in all things digital from Website development to graphic design to SEO to branding.

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Website Development

Custom Built Websites

Website Development

Website Development Belfast

Creating pixel perfect, fully mobile responsive solutions, my websites are custom built and catered around your specifications and needs. Ranging from small 1-5 page websites to large e-commerce websites I can cater for all. To further understand the website development process check out the websites page…

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Graphic Design

Creative Unique Graphics

Graphic Design

Custom Created Designs

Whether it be a company logo, a business card, posters & leaflets or document templates I devise a series of solutions for your appraisal using industry standard software and techniques. I can turn your design into a digital version or I can create one for you, for more insight on my graphic design process go to the page.

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Generate More Customers

Search Engine Optimization

Get Found on Google

The aim of SEO is to increase your business recognition and generating more customers through your website. Getting to the top of Google is the aim for every website that wishes to be successful, however this is only achieved through excellent SEO, to further understand SEO and the process I take check out the SEO page…

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November 21, 2016

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